Review: Hotel Henri (Hamburg, Germany)

When on the road, hotels should try to deliver an outstanding experience whilst creating a cozy place people really feel home for the time being. Hotel Henri in Hamburg, Germany hits the spot by going back to the 50’s and a concept that’s both well executed and refreshing.


Located between the main train station and the city center, Hotel Henri is located right at the heart of the city, making the most sights easy to reach by foot or public transport. Continue reading Review: Hotel Henri (Hamburg, Germany)

Driving around in Italy without being killed

There are many horror stories about driving in Italy. Yet when it comes to do it on ones own, the way Italians drive proves to be more efficient than in most parts of the world.

When in Italy…one of the things most people are happy to avoid is to rent and drive a car. It’s understandable, as everyone who just stood by and watched some Italian traffic rush by might tell.

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print (“Hello, World!”)

hello world on toast
“hello world” by Tobias Lundqvist

Ohai, hello there! Welcome to the first post of my blog. Over here, I’d like to talk about all things relevant to me, so mainly that’ll be technology, everything digital and travelling, but who knows?

Rather than writing about recent gadgets or technologies, I’d like to take a step back on topics and highlight which implications innovations and technology in general might have on society, the digital ecosystem and how people connect.

I hope that you’ll enjoy my thoughts and that they’ll spark an idea or two!