299.928 Or A Farwell To Google Reader


Almost three hundred thousands news I’ve read since I started using Google Reader in November 2008. That’s a lot. Reader helped me to have an organized look at what interested me, be it local news, tech blogs, or niche sites. Interestingly, just a few days before Google announced to shut down the service in the near future, I myself became tired of it and decided to try something different.

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Why the Chromebook Pixel is not ready for prime time

As Google announced the Chromebook Pixel to much suprise, it presented a beefed up hardware as well as a design with attention to detail. Yet, the Pixel can’t show off its potential until the Chrome OS ecosystem evolves.

On February 21st 2013, Google announced it’s newest addition to the existing line of Chromebooks, the so called “Chromebook Pixel”. The company wanted to show “What’s next”. In a way they did, as the newly and carefully designed hardware promises a major leap in terms of design, potential and price compared to previous Chromebooks.

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Social Media Week Hamburg 2013 #SMW13

With over 160 events on five days and way more applicants than available seats and sessions, the Social Media Week Hamburg established its place amongst the most important digital events in Germany.

With around 9000 applicants on over 160 events, one needs to be fast to register for the sessions and workshops that raise one’s interest. For five days, Hamburg becomes the epicenter of everything digital & social media related.

Attending any session and workshop  is free, given that you’ll make it to “book” a seat in advance. In general this fact is quite remarkable, as the whole event depends on sponsors (especially offering locations) and lots of volunterring.
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print (“Hello, World!”)

hello world on toast
“hello world” by Tobias Lundqvist

Ohai, hello there! Welcome to the first post of my blog. Over here, I’d like to talk about all things relevant to me, so mainly that’ll be technology, everything digital and travelling, but who knows?

Rather than writing about recent gadgets or technologies, I’d like to take a step back on topics and highlight which implications innovations and technology in general might have on society, the digital ecosystem and how people connect.

I hope that you’ll enjoy my thoughts and that they’ll spark an idea or two!